If you're looking for Soundsavers, the professional audio and lighting experts, we've moved to a new home! You can now find us at www.proaudiocentre.com

It's only our name and our website address that's changed - our company, our directors, our staff, our store location and our telephone number remain unchanged. When shopping at Pro Audio Centre, you can expect to receive the same great levels of service, and the same unbeatable prices that you've become accustomed to over the years at www.soundsavers.com.

Confused? Check out the FAQ's below, or give us a call on the usual number (0113 8800138):

Q) Has Soundsavers gone bust?
A) No, we haven't gone bust, gone into liquidation, gone into administration, or gone down the pan. We've just changed the name of the company from Soundsavers to Pro Audio Centre. It's the same company, same company registration number, same legal entity, just a new name. Think Marathon to Snickers, Jif to Cif, Opal Fruits to Starburst….Soundsavers to Pro Audio Centre!

Q) Has the company been bought by someone else?
A) No, the company owners / directors (Scott Forrester and Sandy Lillis) haven't changed since the company was formed in 2010.

Q) Why the name change?
A) Our business has changed fairly significantly over the years, not least because we no longer sell musical instruments. Having opened a bricks and mortar store in June 2013, we wanted a name and tag line that better described our business - we think Pro Audio Centre does just that.

Q) Have your contact details changed?
A) Our telephone (0113 8800138) and fax number (08444 505012) remain the same. Our email addresses have changed to @proaudiocentre.com, however emails sent to @soundsavers.com addresses will still reach us.

Our HQ (showroom, offices and goods inward) is still in the same place:

Offices & Goods Inward (no customer access), Pro Audio Centre, Grunberg Street, Leeds, LS6 3HH

Store Entrance (access via Headingley Taps car park), Pro Audio Centre, North Lane, Leeds, LS6 3HE